Cleaning The Capital of Africa’s Oldest Republic

Cleaning The Capital of Africa’s Oldest Republic

Monrovia From Atop

Monrovia From Atop

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia –Africa’s oldest Republic. For decades now,the capital’s primary challenges have been developmental and it’s  sanitatary needs. Looking at the latter, this challenge poses very serious tasks especially following the end of the 14 years of civil conflict which has left the city in filth. The City’s sewerage system is badly damaged with pipes under the  principle streets pouring out feces (toilets) and leaking out urine and toilet water. It is loaded with uncollected garbage and the sites of uncleaned and uncared for drainage.

The current government, under the leadership of Africa’s first female president, has apparently seen the need to raid Monrovia off  its protracted period of untidiness thereby leading to the appointment of Madame Mary Broh– a  lady whose past jobs has made her to be used as “a correction fluid”. Her  aggressive leadership style saw her destroying and burning down market tables in one of  Monrovia’s busiest markets while she was yet to be confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

Despite coming under extreme criticisms though with diverse opinions on both side of the coin, she proceeded to the nation’s only public university campus to carry out similarl exercise. Again, she met stiff resistance but triumphed at the end of the day. Then, yesterday the ‘cool aid'(a locally made frozen mixture of sugar and juice) factories in the commercial Bushrod Island were  targeted when Ms. Broh and team, accompanied by the representatives of the Environmental Protective Agency which saw a very filthy environment being used to produce ‘cool aid’ that are unfit for human consumption. Though the usual uproar ensued but it is important that we keep Monrovia clean.


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