The vandalized Administrative Building which held the managerial offices of the Guthrie Rubber Plantations has shown evidences of unfair labor practices at the Plantations. A displayed payroll roaster showed inflation of workers’ salaries other than the actual amount being received by them. Stanley Brandy, a self-proclaimed leader of the strike actions that erupted on the Plantations last week who displayed a copy of the roaster stressed that he knows a lot of the employees whose names have larger salaries attached to their names whereas they having been receiving amounts far less than what is stipulated on the document. A particular employee identified on the rooster whose salary is reportedly inflated is Solomon Kandakai who told PFA that he has been receiving US$60 instead of the USD$120 that is reflected on the copy of the pay rooster. “I wonder to whom they have been giving the balance because only $60 I get. I was very surprised to see my name carrying USD$120 when I have been getting just half of that money”, exclaimed Mr. Kandakai who showed our reporter his company’s identification card to verify if truly indeed he is the ‘Solomon Kandakai’ whose name appears there. “But I am happy that the offices were looted so we the employees could know about some of these bad habits they’ve been carrying on here at the Plantations”, he concluded. Mr. Brandy explained during the reading of an 11-count grievance to the Inter-Ministerial Committee that the pay-document also showed several ghost names. But when Mr. Dauda Metzger, personnel manager of the company was quizzed on the matter he told reporters that the employees do not know the difference between gross pay and net pay. He emphasized that the workers need to know that there are tax, insurance, social security and other deductions including rice supplied to them from their salaries. He claimed that Kandakai, like many of the employees misjudged the issue of gross and net salaries because as a general worker (nomenclature for those who do miscellaneous jobs on the plantation), he, Mr. Kandakai, makes $30.00 daily. Mr. Metzger further explained that when calculated this will accumulate to a maximum $90 with Sundays inclusive. But what remains unanswered is the huge discrepancy between $120 and $60 even when those deductions are made. Meanwhile, the Minister of Labor who headed a team of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on an assessment tour to the Plantations promised to step into the issues of alleged labor malpractices. Minister Woods who is also the chairman of the Committee stated that this is the major reason why the Committee constitutes of the major functionaries of government so that these key issues will be dealt with accordingly. He said that the workers’ plight and concerns will be taken very seriously and revealed that an audit is being commissioned. He therefore asked them to forward all evidences and documents to the Committee while new investment negotiations are being carried out for a permanent investor to take over the company. The Inter-Ministerial Committee constitutes of the Labor, Justice, Education, Internal Affairs, Agriculture and Ministries. He promised workers of the company that indeed their plights will be adequately addressed, assuring, “I am still the same Samuel Kofi Woods. Just believe in me”.

(Photos to follow shortly)



  1. […] Nat Bayjay was perhaps the most motivated of all the participants of the new media workshops last week in Liberia. On Nat’s personal blog he has already published two very informative posts: “Cleaning The Capital of Africa’s Oldest Republic” and “Intensive Labor Malpractices at Guthrie [Rubber Plantations].” […]

  2. Good Nat let keep it going

  3. Thanks Nat for your posts, whic have helped me understand about Liberia a bit more. With your words, the image of Liberia has become clearer in my mind. Hope you can keep up the good works. 🙂

    Leonard from Taiwan

  4. Thanks NAT, well done, i like the story, keep up. all LIB’s Bloggers

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