The school bus-termed commercial bus that did the damage

The school bus-termed commercial bus that did the damage

By: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay






Late Monday evening was a fateful one at the intersection of Broad and Johnson Streets when a 40-seated yellow bus lost control and instantly killed a four-year old girl, leaving two persons seriously injured.

An eye-witness account states that the lengthy yellow school bus-termed commercial bus experienced a brake failure while branching off from Broad Street towards Bushrod Island, opting to deliberately hit a packed maroon vehicle in an apparent effort that this might have avoided him and the dozens of passengers on board from going down the sloppy road that may have led them into the Slipway valley—a slum community situated along Johnson Street.

But this was a misjudgment on the part of the driver as the heavy bus could not be stopped by this maroon vehicle as it rather smashed and carried it along, sweeping through several petty street traders and pedestrians as well as people who formed ques as they awaited to get home during the rush hours.

“By this time, everyone was running for their lives but the driver hit a little girl who also running for her life”, a residence of the community told our reporter. “He even hit two other persons. One lady’s legs got broken”, he explained.

The driver, fearing that mob violence might have killed him as well run out of the bus. Unconfirmed reports indicate that he surfaced at the National Police Headquarters. The name of the clinic or hospital where those seriously wounded were taken to could not be given by any of the eyewitnesses.

Our reporter who got on the scene a couple of minutes after the accident occurred saw the bus  stuck into the building that is used as a graphic center as if the both (the bus and building) were inseparable. One worker from the graphic center said:  “I thought the entire building was going to collapse after the bus went into it. Every one of us in it had to run all over the place, not knowing what had happened”.

What could be more pitiful is the report that the father of the four-years old who was killed has had series of disasters of late. A community resident narrated to our reporter that the father (unidentified by name) had just lost his 2 years old baby before Monday’s incidence that claimed his first daughter’s life. Prior to these, armed robbers attacked the man who does both wholesale and retail of phone cards, making away with several valuables. As if to further worsen his situation the motorcycle that he and his family were to a large extent surviving on was stolen. He could not be spoken to due to his condition while the mother struggled to come with term to the fact that Little Priscilla who was active and alive a minute ago was now dead.


The issue of brake failures remains a major challenge for both the Traffic Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and owners of these large vehicles. This has caused many tragic accidents, especially in the crowded streets of the nation’s capital. The Mechlin Street hill accident some years back is a typical infamous incident that remains on the minds of Liberians, especially Monrovians.    

Flash Back:Corpse

Flash Back:Corpse





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