Nothing  can be more rewarding and satisfying than giving a man his merited flowers while he is not just still alive but young with a more promising future. He in return feels the urge to move on with more accolades, knowing that he gets appreciated every time he achieves. This is exactly why the young, talented and brilliant man in the persona of Mr. Nat Nyuan-Bayjay is worth all of the commendations in the world for his academic sojourn which takes a very important mile-stone/step today as he walks away with a degree in Bachelor of Public Administration (B.PA) and Mass Communications from the nation’s highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia. One needs not to be told what it entails to go through that identical “Wall” commonly known as LU, given all of the frustrations, headaches, disappointments and worst of all, the unnecessary prolonged years of obtaining just an undergraduate degree. A brief but sweet look at Nat’s struggles and subsequent conquest in his academic endeavor is enough to tell us what kind of character and potential this personality possesses.



Early life and SCHOOLING: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay, the third born and first son of nine children, was born in the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County where he obtained his elementary education from one of the best learning facilities in that county—the St. Peter Claver’s Catholic School—after which he moved permanently to the Capital in furtherance of a scholarship his exhibited brilliancy at St. Peter earned him. Upon entry at the Don Bosco Technical (Catholic) High School in Monrovia, he again showed not only academic brilliance but innovation as he formed, for the first time in the history of the school a press club named the Don Bosco News Agency (DOBONA) which was to later become a very functional news arm of the Catholic-run institution. Throughout primary and secondary (elementary and high) school, Nat finished first in his class –though once in a while was second. His entry into the University of Liberia was met with various ‘mountains’ to climb, including a severe ulcer stomach coupled immense financial constraints. Counting and equating these challenges to those that a great man normally endures while en route to achieving whatever destined greatness, he however managed to overcome them and can now finally be counted among Liberia’s minute group of literate people. Blending public administration with mass communication is certainly one of the best discussions ever as he carries with him qualities of these disciplines.


Nat & MC of his occasion(Myer Saye)

Nat & MC of his occasion(Myer Saye)

Experiences & ambitions: he may be young but Nat has experiences in both the print and electronic media where he has shown real class of professionalism in spite of not even obtaining a degree in this area yet. He professionally served as host of one of the best and popular talk-shows on Lux FM, the University of Liberia owned radio station. Additionally, he served as one of the most real reliable means of aiding some print entities (newspapers) with vital stories to include the In Profile Daily. Currently, he is the columnist of the entertainment sections of Monrovia’s best sports/entertaining twin-newspapers the Champions Sports and SportsDay newspapers that covers eight of Liberia’s 15 counties and has the largest sports reading audience. Additionally, he is a staff reporter for the Liberia’s foremost online and most dependable magazine FrontPageAfrica (www) More to these is that he operates two separate websites with two distinct categories of news information. Logging unto:, you will get the latest news events happening in Liberia both political and of human interests while gives you and the international audience unfolding events in the world of LIB entertainment where Liberian artists (be them musical or movie stars) and other entertaining and social events are exclusively sold to the outside world. Watch out for the nation’s first all-youth radio station as his dream for bringing broadcasting to Liberia’s ambitious, yet inopportune upcoming journalists in a few years’

Nat Bayjay (with glasses) Augustine Hamelburg(with medal)Smith with bottle Muka during Baccaulereate serivce

Nat Bayjay (with glasses) Augustine Hamelburg(with medal)Smith with bottle Muka during Baccaulereate serivce Comrade Edwin Snowe (of the Liberian National Legislator) & Nat

So, given this kind of charisma and highly ambitious young individual, friends, families and loved-ones gathered at his residence in Clara Town on Sunday, May 3, 2009 to celebrate this joyous time in the life of this young man whose life promises to be a very successful one. They though it very befitting to have him showered with his deserved gifts while he lives on to achieve more. Bravo!!! Nat Nyuan-Bayjay.


Nat Bayjay during Baccaulereate Serivce


  1. James P. Asifuah Says:

    I read your story and I am very grateful to the Almighty God for you.
    Your story is similar to mine.

    I also attended St. Peter Claver’s High School and graduated in 1981.

    I attended Don Bosco (Arthur Barclay) and graduated in 1983. I had to struggled to do menial work until I got admission to LU in 1986 and graduated cum laude in Accounting and Economics in 1989.

    I pray that you will prosper in your chosen career.

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