Beautiful Shu-rina Wiah cries tears of joy when she was announced a Miss Liberia '09

Beautiful Shu-rina Wiah cries tears of joy when she was announced a Miss Liberia '09

Monrovia –  

It was a night of grief, sorrow and pain-swallowing as well as a joys, excitements and celebrations when six gorgeous Liberian women showed their beauties, talents and amused hundreds of people on Saturday competing for a single crown, to be named Miss Liberia 2009 and after a whole night pageantry only one of the six laughed the best walking away with the prestigious crown.

They were six, representing six counties including Bong, Maryland, Grand Bassa, Grand Kru, Margibi and Lofa and all performed to be crowned but there is always just one winner and the best of the night in the eyes of four judges at the competition was Miss Shu-rina Wiah of the coastal county of Grand Bassa.





The Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant is an annual event which brings face to face the very best of young, beautiful and most of all intelligent Liberian ladies from a cross-section of the country’s 15 political subdivisions.

The six contestants included:  Grand Bassa (Shu-rina Wiah); Bong (Layal Kazouh); Maryland (Warti Robinson); Grand Kru (Christine Doe); Lofa (Beteyea Evans) and Margibi (Tina Bargaye) counties after three others had withdrawn initially due to what the event’s organizers termed as personal reasons.

Beautiful Shu-rina Wiah cried tears of joy following her pronouncement as winner after failing out in the 2007 contest and is now set to represent Liberia at international beauty pageants, possibly Miss World Beauty Pageant.

Miss Bong County (Layal Kazouh) and Miss Maryland (Warti Robinson) finished as the first and second runners-up respectively.

Miss Shu-rina Wiah under the watchful eyes of a four-member panel of judges comprising  Mrs. Sharon Cooper, Mrs. Precious Andrews Greaves, Mrs. Veronica Adepuju and Mr. Akin Okoplu, emerged victorious over her five other fellow contestants  during a closely contested competition that saw the historic Centennial Memorial Pavilion probably experiencing for the first time in recent months an event characterized by charm, real modeling, talents display, intelligence exhibition by the contestants, song and dance performances by some of  Liberia’s best local artists during an exciting night.

The pageant organized by the Miss Boss Lady International and sponsored by Comium-Liberia, one of the four GSM companies in Liberia saw a low turnout unlike previous Miss Liberia pageants.

Miss Liberia 2009 Shu-rina Wiah could not speak to FrontPageAfrica and other media institutions as a crowd believed to be made of people mostly from Grand Bassa took over the stage and surrounded the winner who was later taken away by officers of the Liberian National police.

Contestants at the Pageant

Contestants at the Pageant

Colorful event

The ceremony began with a red carpet event although about three hours behind schedule and continued with the contestants’ first appearing in their culture costumes. 

Held under the theme “Women of Substance”, each contesting queen presented a potential Liberian woman as her “woman of substance”, further providing brief explanations of their choices.

Miss Grand Bassa County told the audience that Liberian veteran musician Miatta Fahnbulleh is her woman of substance while Miss Bong County chose Madame Suakoko and Miss Maryland picking Madame Mary Brownell as hers.

The committed educator Hester Williams, Sister Lauren Brown and Cllr. Janet Davidson were praised by Miss Margibi, Miss Grand Kru and Miss Lofa Counties respectively as their Women of Substance.

Thereafter, they made four appearances to include appearing in swimming suits, African designed costumes, the talent section and evening wears as the female-dominated panel of judges watched keenly and took notes.

 Intriguing and notably among these appearances were the Talent and Evening aspects with the contestants displaying individual talents depicting varying messages which were dramatized.

Many observers in attendance strongly believed that it was this section that really enhanced the chances of the eventual winner who was so outstanding during hers. Dramatizing a stop-rape campaign by using the much-loved and ever-popular Kanvee Gains’ “You Will Carry My Load” gospel music, Miss Grand Bassa County emerged from behind the curtains with a load on her head bearing inscriptions “Stop Rape and Stop Sexual Abuse” as she spoke on gender equality.

“What men can do, women can also do”, she cautioned fellow ladies while underscoring the essence of female independence.

First and Second Runners-up Miss Bong and Miss Maryland Counties both demonstrated dramas that contained patriotic and nationalistic messages. Other exhibited talents including dramas cautioning against the deadly AIDS virus and education, as well as the courage to be persistent regardless of physical disabilities as demonstrated by the contestants of Lofa, Margibi and Grand Kru respectively.

Then came another important and nerve breaking aspect of the night when contestants had to decide from among series of questions, two each.

 All the queens performed well in answering the questions to the best of their abilities and to the delight of the audience, though there were some murmurs during this stage from one or two directions of the audience which is a usual happening at events of such nature.

Answering the question “What was your most life-challenging and changing moment?” Miss Margibi replied: “Honestly, this Miss Liberia Contest was my most life-challenging and changing moment”.

For her part, the soon-to-be queen, Miss Grand Bassa said contributing her quota to the rebuilding process of war-torn Liberia is her major aim in response to the question: “What does winning the Crown mean to the Liberian youths?” Other questions included what change entitles them as contestants to the much used word ‘role model’, what was their thoughts about UNMIL’s scaling down her troops and what does Miss Liberia mean to them.

Miss Lib '09 (4)

The Event was organized by the Miss Boss Lady International Incorporated. Its founder Miss Barkue Tubman, widely known as Miss Boss Lady thanked all those who helped to make the Competition a success, adding: “Quitting was not an option for me”.

Miss Tubman cautioned whoever that was to be crowned to devote a whole lot of work towards the Crown and warned that being Miss Liberia goes beyond the ordinary.

Acting Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Cletus Sieh on behalf of the government expressed delight over the successful staging of the Event and said he hoped that the Queen will ably represent Liberia.

Winning the Crown means Miss Grand Bassa now owns a 2009 Renault car plus other prizes like trips to London and South Africa where she will represent Liberia at the Miss World Beauty Pageant, scholarships, shopping spree from Siata Styles Boutique, an Ecobank account with US$500 and has become the face of Comium-Liberia.

About the winner

Miss Shu-rina Wiah (Miss Grand Bassa) is a 21-year old student studying Public Administration at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) located on Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia.

 She desires to become a lawyer, with focus on defending the rights of women and children.

 In the future, she would like to use her voice as a concerned citizen to serve as ambassador on behalf of young women.

Shu-rina participated in 2007 Miss Liberia Pageant and was unsuccessful; however, Ms Wiah said she had a whole year to develop her negatives and build her skills which made her sure of winning this year’s crown.

She believes it is important to not give up on herself as she added: “If you don’t succeed try and try again”. Her hobbies are modeling, singing, reading and going to church.


 Nat Nyuan-Bayjay can be reached at interlink2004@yahoo.com or 231-6-402737;


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