Floods Overtake Houses As Environmentalists Predict More

Flood in New Kru Town, Bushrod Island, Monrovia

Flood in New Kru Town, Bushrod Island, Monrovia By: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay, interlink2004@yahoo.com (231-6-402737/231-77-402737)Heavy floods have overtaken hundreds (if not thousands) of houses in various communities in and around the Capital Monrovia following three days of successive rainfall that fell successively from early Sunday morning, the 28th of June, 2009 up to early Tuesday morning, 30th of June, 2009 thereby while environmentalists predict more rainfall.Several communities ranging from those on the outskirts of the City in Paynesville to various slum communities in and around the City to communities on the Bushrod Island experienced flood that saw water entered into thousands of houses which left hundreds of residents sleeping out of their homes while hundred more virtually slept with water in all homes.Among the hardest hit of the communities were the Samuel Kanyon Doe Community simply referred to as Doe Community, parts of Logan Town, the Bong Mines Bridge Community, and the Borough of New Kru Town in which lots of residents informed FrontPageAfrica that they had a sleepless Monday night due to the flood which led to the rain water reaching almost window level.Upon arrival in the Colonel West area of the Borough of New Kru Town where I ended my early morning tour of various affected communities of the Bushrod Island, hundreds of residents were seen walking through flooded paths as they attempted to go about their daily routines having experienced a precious night of what some of them termed as nightmare.Environmentalists predict Liberians still have few months to endure this

Madame Floku Weah of the community told of her story as follows: “When I came home last night, I was surprised to see all my house mates with loads on their heads. As I asked what was happening, nobody could tell me anything but they were all busy taking their loads from their rooms and carrying it other places. That’s when I knew that the water was the problem. When I entered my room, I was very much frustrated because the water in my room passed by my knee. The only thing that blessed me was it didn’t reach my bed. But I had to sleep at a neighbor’s house”.

Madame Weah who is a student nurse at the Tubman National Institute of Medical
Arts (TNIMA) was not the only one who was displayed by the flood. A lot of other residents told FPA that they either slept out of their houses or kept what they called “tarry” or night vigil.

Monday’s rainfall which began by 6 pm continued up to the next morning which by 10 pm saw almost every house in the community receiving its share of the water.

What’s Responsible For The Flood?

While in the populated Colonel West community of New Kru Town, some residents pointed accusing fingers at their Representative Edwin Forh for the flood they are currently experiencing.

According to some of them, the Representative’s action of building a school in what they called the swampy area that once contained the rain is contributing to the flood.

According to Tommy Batu, previous years had not seen such flood being experienced by their community. “But the school the Representative built here in one of the causes. He built the school right in the drainage and the water can’t pass easily. Also, Pa Seaton is one of the causes. He can just dump dirt in the way of the drainage”, he said.

Ebenezer Nyenfueh, another resident of the community thinks that Representative Forh, to a greater extend is held responsible for their misfortune.

“He’s our representative. He should have at least mobilized some funds to prevent this kind of things up to now, especially where he built the school in an area that the water used to pass through”, Ebenezer told me.

But Representative’s refusal to comment on anything pertaining to the flood as he complained of hunger and fatigue caused by the flood couldn’t  allow me to get his reaction to the apparent reason of the flood as being seriously thought by a large number of his citizens.

Expert’s Position

Unfortunately, environmentalists on climate change have predicted heavy downpour of rain that will be concentrated between July and September of this year in which they have said will see more of such disaster.

According to Yurfee Shaikalee, Executive Director of the Action Against Climate Change, there is a terrible wind called Elnino Wind that comes from the Atlantic Ocean that causes such heavy rainfalls which result into the type of floods being experienced now.

“Liberia is expected to experience from 50 millimeters upward of rainfall this year. This is not only going to be Liberia alone. But we expect more of this from July to September”, Yurfee told me.

“The kind of structures that are around now can’t withstand the storm that I’m talking about. I see some people in my community right now off-roofing their houses to build it up. This won’t help them. We need stronger structures that will be able to withstand this storm”, he noted.

The rains continual fall may lead to more of such scenes

The rains continual fall may lead to more of such scenes


If Yurfee’s prediction is anything to follow, then Liberians should expect to see of such flooding. But what many Liberians are concerned about is the result of the just ended Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change that begun on June 24, 2009 and ended on June 26, 2009 which was expected to discuss climate change impacts and climate talks that would better prepare Liberians  for the inevitable natural occurrence.








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