By: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay, (231-6-402737) (231-77-402737)

Technocrats Reunion '09:From left to right: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay,Cosby Pelham,Wallace Johnnylone,Aaron Weah, Henry Federicks, Vic Agordo,Sam Oye,Wennie Selegajallah and Buku Gailah as Wreh Geayon had left

Technocrats Reunion '09:From left to right: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay,Cosby Pelham,Wallace Johnnylone,Aaron Weah, Henry Federicks, Vic Agordo,Sam Oye,Wennie Selegajallah and Buku Gailah as Wreh Geayon had left



he old but popular saying “School days are the best” was actualized (apparently for the first time for some) in the lives of 12 former high graduates of the Catholic-run Don Bosco Technical High School located in Sinkor, Monrovia as they held a re-union in observance of a decade celebration of The Technocrats (Class of ’98-’99). Yes, reuniting 10 years after graduating from high school is indeed a hallmark of perpetual spirit of fraternalism!!!


Despite attending colleges/universities thereafter and acquiring university degrees in different disciplines and professional careers while others are in the process of doing so, 12 committed members of the class met on Sunday, July 11, 2009 at the “ Big Treat Restaurant & Bar”, an entertainment center located in the Sinkor suburb, specifically on 9th Street between Coleman and Chessman Avenues where they did not only party all night long but they held a brief but significant discussion as they reminisced from the past glorious and enjoyable days.


During the brief ceremony, Aaron Weah  


Attendees of The Event

Technocrats attending the ‘Decade Celebration’ of one of the best classes ever produced by Don Dosco were Sam Oye (President), Nat Nyuan-Bayjay (Spokesman/Secretary), Aaron Weah (Special Advisor), Jerry B. Wensae (Parliamentarian Emeritus), Buku Gailar, Cosby Pelham, Victoria Agordo, Henry Federicks, Wreh Geayon, Wennie Selegarjallah, Wallace Johnnylone.


Decade Celebrants & Their Activities

After 10 years, members of the Class have been of vital contributions in the Liberian society as most of them are professionals; earning earnest and honest livelihoods in different careers while others, though still in colleges are self-employed.

I now proudly present to you readers The Technocrats Decade Celebrants below:



    Nat 'Bob Holder' Nyuan-Bayjay

    Nat 'Bob Holder' Nyuan-Bayjay

Name: Nat Nyuan-Bayjay

     Career/Profession: Journalist

     Institution: FrontPageAfrica (

     Impression About Event: “Excited to reunite after a decade”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-402737/ (231)77-402737,

    Personal web-blogs:,



    Aaron Weah

    Aaron Weah

     Name: Aaron B. Weah

     Career/Profession: Civil Rights Advocate

     Institution: International Center for Transitional Justice

     Impression About Event: “Technocrats—still a possibility after

                                                 a decade”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-511205



Henry Federick

Henry Federick

     Name: Henry A. Federicks

     Career/Profession: Instructor

     Institution: Philips Preparatory Jr. & Sr. High School

     Impression About Event: “Technocrats at 10—a moment to be a 

                                                 part of”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-569109



E. Cosby Pelham

E. Cosby Pelham

     Name: E. Cosby Pelham

     Career/Profession: Banker

     Institution: Liberian Bank for Development & Investment


     Impression About Event: “Technocrats still live on”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-552520



     Name: Wallace Johnnylone

     Career/Profession:  Hardware Technician

     Institution: Linda’s Internet Cafe

     Impression About Event: “It’s good to be here again.”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-729509



     Name: Wennie Manyango Selegajallah

     Career/Profession: Social Worker

     Institution: Christian Foundation for Children & Aging

     Impression About Event: “Hoping to achieve my dreams after

                                                after 10 years”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-575976



     Name: Victoria Agordo

     Career/Profession: Sociologist

     Institution: Not employed yet

     Impression About Event: “Let others, especially ‘Fair Ladies’

                                                get on  board”.                                                    

     Contact(s): (231)-6-



     Name: Gibson Buku Gailah, Jr.

     Career/Profession: Manager

     Institution: Gibson & Son’s Incorporated

     Impression About Event: “Overly impressed with nature of

                                                the event”

     Contact(s): (231)-6-814503




     Name: Jerry B. Wensae

     Career/Profession: Student

     Institution: University of Liberia

     Impression About Event: “What’s more important than

                                                 reuniting after a decade?”          

     Contact(s): (231)-6-528912, (231)-77-949905





Career/Profession: Student


Impression About Event:  

Contact(s): (231)





Career/Profession: Student


Impression About Event:  

Contact(s): (231)








Side Attractions

In addition to the 11 members who attend the Decade Event, a wife and two fiancées (girlfriends) as well as kids of the Technocrats graced the occasion.


Mrs. Zahn Nyuan-Bajyay who was recently married to Nat Nyuan-Bajyay and Natlyn Bayjay (daughter of Nat) consisted of Nat’s family represented at the Event while Selegarjallah’s fiancée and baby accompanied him to the Event.


But notably and admirably too among those who graced the Event was a member but yet another fiancée of another member whose relationship has been going since school days. Victoria Agordo has been the fiancée of Sam Oye since 11th Grade (1998) and they are on the verge of getting married. As a matter of fact, their decade long relationship has been blessed with a charming little girl.


The rejuvenation of the spirit of The Technocratic Class clearly demonstrates the continuity of the Class’ unity that was begun as far back as its 10th Grade year during the ’96-’97 Academic Year.


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